Grande Réserve


The must-try champagne from the Classic range

With its aromas of ripe fruit, you will be charmed by the Grande Réserve.


Grande reserve is a Pinot Noir dominant brut champagne


Grande Réserve displays a gold yellow colour, floral perfumes with hints of stone fruit such as peach and apricot on the nose.
Its refined, intense and complex palate finishes with touch of yellow plum.

Keys aromas

ripe fruit, white peach, yellow plum.

Available in Half and Magnum 

Champagne and Food pairing

Grande Réserve at the apéritif or with a meal  :
Vegetables soup, leeks and black truffles  
Quail egg with truffle oil
Smoked salmon tartar and its chives fresh cream
Terrine of duck foie gras and lukewarm brioche and fig compote 
Poached pear with Champagne salad, scarole, saline biscuit and goat cheese  
Terrine of cheese goat, rocket salad and shallot
Veal scalop with cream 
Sweetbread with morels 
Cèpe fricassee 


Grande Réserve