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DIVINE – Gourmandise N°1


Create your cocktail with our DIVINE Gourmandise N°1 liqueur and one of our Devaux rosé champagnes, D Rosé or Cuvée Rosée. Enjoy its aromas of vine peach and white flowers.

DIVINE Gourmandise N° 1 has been designed to accompany our Devaux Cuvée Rosée champagnes, fruity and gourmand, or D Rosé, fresh and elegant.

Borrowed from the conviviality, DIVINE is dedicated to the realization of 2 Cocktails signed Devaux:

- Divine Delicacy with Champagne D Rosé
- Delicious Divine with Champagne Cuvée Rosée

The House of Boudier - a reference in spirits with its ancestral know-how in the service of the revelation and sublimation of the fruit - have elaborated jointly with our Cellar Master, Michel Parisot - elected Sparkling Winemaker of the year 2020 by the International Wine Challenge - this liqueur, whose recipe is secretly kept.


The first nose reveals white peach and vine peach followed  by notes of Elderflower and white flowers. The mouth is creamy with hints of citrus and apricot aromas. The lemony side is bringing freshness and lightness to the cocktail.

Key aromas

Vine peach and white peach for the « GOURMANDISE », White flowers and Elderflower for the « ELEGANCE », Apricot and citrus touch for the « FRESHNESS ».


Cocktail Recipes

Delicious Divine or Divine Delicacy ?... it’s up to you to choose:


Delicious Divine :
Mix gently:
20 ml of liqueur Divine
200 ml of Champagne DEVAUX Cuvée Rosée

Then add:
2 ice cubes
2 raspberries
1 violet flower or 1 mint leaf



Divine Delicacy :
Mix gently:
10 ml of liqueur Divine
200 ml of Champagne DEVAUX D Rosé

Then add:
2 ice cubes
2 raspberries
1 violet flower or 1 mint leaf

DIVINE – Gourmandise N°1
Devaux as gifts