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Champagne Veuve A.Devaux does everything it can to ensure that information published on this website is exact and updated. Champagne Veuve A.Devaux reserves the right to modify the site content at any moment and without notice. Information published on this website is indicative and based on our previous knowledge. It cannot in any circumstances engage our responsibility in case of improper or inappropriate use of our products. Champagne Veuve A.Devaux declines all responsibility for any damage resulting from a fraudulent intrusion by a third party having caused a modification of the information on this website - and more generally for any damage, direct or indirect, whatever the causes, origins, nature or consequences, caused by anyone’s access to the site or their inability to gain access thereto.

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Personnal DATA :

The aim of the GPDR (General Data Protection Regulation) must be to strengthen your personal data protection. Champagne Veuve A.Devaux wants to inform you about the collection of information to identify your needs and propose the best service. Statistics help us to understand how visitors interact with our website.

We are obliged to deal with some of your personal data: last name, first name, address, date of birth, email, place of residence, phone number, areas of interest, as well as information that you communicate when you contact us. This data is collected on the basis of your explicit consent. All your personal information stay confidential.

This information enable us to :

  • Answer your questions, claims, and also orders for documents, goods or services sent to us through the online form 
  •  Book for studios tasting 
  • Get to know your areas of interest and your preferences 
  • Create statistics
  • Send newsletters with your consent

In pursuance of art no. 78—17 of 6th January 1978 relative to the data processing, data files and individual liberties, you have the right of access, rectification and deletion of data and personal information about yourself. All these complaints must be addressed to: Champagne Veuve A.Devaux, Domaine de Villeneuve 10110 Bar-sur-Seine – FRANCE. Phone number: +33 3 25 38 60 65, or on the web page “Contact us” on our website. At all events, the confidentiality of the visitors ‘information will be maintained.

You may exercise your rights in accordance with the law on computer technology and freedom by completing the appropriate form available here. Furthermore, it is always possible to unsubscribe to our newsletters while clicking on the hypertexts links located in all emails.

Personal data retention period : Questions and specific requests: personal data collected and treated in order to reply to your requests will be kept only for the duration of the treatment. At the end of the processing, the information will be destroyed. Newsletters subscriptions: personal data collected and treated in order to sent you newsletters will be kept during five (5) years from the date of your subscription or the date of your last contact with Champagne Devaux. At the end of that period, Champagne Devaux could get back to you in order to know if you want to continue to receive information from our company.
If you no longer want us to use your personal data, please download this document, then sent it filled at or write to: Champagne Veuve A.Devaux, Domaine de Villeneuve, 10110 Bar-sur-Seine, FRANCE.

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