The story of one House, one Champagne, inspiring women… all of character


Family (and widows) history

DEVAUX House is at the heart of a family saga which begins with the brothers Jules and Auguste Devaux shortly before the middle of the 19th century.

The Devaux House was then managed by three inspiring women who led the family winery with remarkable energy and talent in equal measure.

The first woman, Claude-Joseph Devaux (born Ducray), widowed at 39 years old in 1843, founded in 1846 and managed the house “Maison Vve A. Devaux″ in Epernay with her son François-Auguste.

His wife, Augusta-Maria Herbin, was to become the second “Devaux widow″ following his death in 1879. She was in charge of the winery until 1895.

The DEVAUX brand quickly became successful.

By the turn of the century, DEVAUX was exporting 75% of its production.

Then in 1907, following the death of Charles-Auguste Devaux, Marguerite Marie-Louise, the third “Devaux widow” born Hussenot, took over the reins and managed the winery until her death in 1951 at the age of 80, thus concluding an extraordinary saga of “Champagne widows″.

She was succeeded by her two sons.


A shared passion

Champagne DEVAUX now represent many families. Indeed, this Maison was handed down more than 30 years ago - with a long-term vision - to our families of winemakers.

They have all engaged in a human endeavour based on cooperation, and high quality standards.

In fact, the last in the Devaux line, Jean-Pol Auguste Devaux, was without an heir.

As such, in 1987 he entrusted the future of Devaux – a brand with a prestigious past and an exciting future – to the “Union Auboise”, now the “Groupe Vinicole Champagne DEVAUX” (then supplier for the DEVAUX “Blanc de Noirs” champagne).

Throughout the years, the cooperative associates of Champagne DEVAUX lovingly lead the vine to deliver its best fruits. They deploy their efforts and their know-how to raise the grapes to the level of excellence required by the taste and character of a Grand Champagne.



Champagne DEVAUX supports cultural events, such as:

. the “Nuits de Champagne” Festival: co-founding partner since 1988,

. the Renoir Association: historical partner, where the Renoir grant has hosted a prize-winning artist in summer residence in Essoyes since 2001,

. the Troyes football club ESTAC since 2011,

. as well as the Women's Alpine Skiing World Cup in Courchevel, the competition for the Best Student Sommelier in Wines and Spirits of France, Generation Mozart, the Route du Rhum 2022 and the Transat Paprec 2023.

The Basic principles