The Basic principles

the origins of our champagnes

 Our expertise

Much of the quality in all DEVAUX Champagnes is in large part thanks to:

  • - parcel selection (for the D Collection range),
  • - sustainable vineyard management,
  • - technical support and follow-up at each key stage of the season,
  • - pressing as close to the vineyard as possible.


This quality approach (called "Vineyard Quality Process") applies also in the cellar, where the following principles are observed:

  • - ageing of reserve wines (wines from previous harvests) in predominantly oak vats,
  • - use of only first press wines (the“cuvée”) in the blend for the Classics and “cœur de cuvée” for the D Collection,
  • - extended ageing in the bottle following the“prise de mousse”, aged minimum 5 years for the D Collection bottles and aged 7 years for the D Collection magnums.
  • - labelling by hand for the Sténopé and D Collection special bottles.


Our Style 

The luxury of Time 

The exceptional maturation process marks of the DEVAUX style. It combines aromatic complexity with great finesse.
As we say, "the best deserves time".

Champagne made to enjoy

DEVAUX’s approach is to create wines with a balance - between character and elegance - but above all, to make wines for people to enjoy wines.

Our vineyards