Ultra D

D Rosé


The perfect harmony between Pinot Noir and Chardonnay

From a strict selection of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay plots, in which a small part is vinified as a red wine, this champagne is aged 5 years. The fruity intensity of the D Rosé will be sure to delight. Aged minimum 5 years - 75cl Aged minimum 7 years - 150cl Aged minimum 7 years - 300cl


Brut champagne
made up of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay from « D Selection » vineyard plots


The D Rosé displays a beautiful apricot salmon pink colour with an elegant mousse.
Fresh aromas of small red fruits are revealed on the nose, evolving towards floral notes.
The intensely fruity palate with delicate notes of redcurrant, raspberry and apricot offers refined finesse.

Key aromas

redcurrant, raspberry, apricot.

Available in Magnum


Champagne & Food pairing

D Rosé at the apéritif, with a meal 
Spicy lobster and monkfish with roasted Ratte of the Touquet potatoe
Duck in a flat sausage with hazelnuts, toasted squash and sweets herbs
Hazelnut duck magret, with foie gras sauce and squash with herbs
Alternatively Cèpe fricassee
Spicy lobster 

Or a dessert : 
Strawberry and caramelized banana mousse
Pastries with passion fruit
Pralin brioche
Dessert with white chocolate 
Hot raspberry spicy jam
Red fruits with bread from Gènes with strawberries on a crispy
Florentin and raspberry sorbet



D Rosé
D Millésimé