Grande Réserve

Cuvée Rosée


This rosé champagne expresses freshness and subtlety

You will be delighted by the raspberry and violet notes of the Cuvée Rosée.


Brut champagne
made up of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay
Aged 3 years


The addition of a small quantity of Pinot Noir vinified as red and rosé wine before the « prise de mousse » fermentation gives softness and roundness to this champagne. A rich and elegant fruit expression is hidden within this rosé of a deep pink colour.
A first aroma of soft and ripe raspberries, followed by aniseed notes. On the palate, Cuvée Rosée offers a lovely fresh and smooth mousse with a good balance and violet notes on the finish.

Key aromas

soft and fresh fruitiness.

Champagne and Food pairing

Cuvée Rosée at the apéritif, with a meal :
Pink grapefruit and  prawns/gambas salad
Prawns/ gambas with avocado and pink grapefruit
Red mullets with plancha and lamb chop
French veal stew 
Mussel stew
Smoked haddock

Or a dessert :
Warm cherry tart with Champagne sabayon 
Vanilla crepe 



Cuvée Rosée
Crème de Cuvée