Coteaux Champenois blanc Montgueux

Coteaux Champenois rouge Version

By Devaux & Michel Chapoutier

The latest addition to the Coteaux Champenois Version range, the result of a meeting between Champagne Devaux and Michel Chapoutier.

2018 was undoubtedly an excellent year, delivering exceptional ripeness and sanitary conditions that resulted in very juicy and structured wines. Version 2018 is a perfect reflection of this.


Harvest 2018

Grape variety: 100 % Pinot Noir

Origin: old vines from the Riceys terroir (Côte des Bar)


With a beautiful deep ruby colour, Version 2018 offers a delicate nose accompanied by a very ripe fruitiness, supported by toasted, vanilla and blond tobacco notes.

The attack in the mouth is soft, with well-melted tannins.

Fruity, juicy and with a lot of freshness, Version 2018 delivers a silky and crisp finish.

Key aromas

Black cherry, vanilla, toasted

Food and wine pairing

Beef bourguignon, Chinese beef, lamb with chanterelles ...


Coteaux Champenois rouge Version