Rosé des Riceys

Coteaux Champenois

The fruit of Pinot Noir

What was once called the natural wine of Champagne.

A deep ruby still wine that is intriguing due to its Champagne region origins.


2012 harvest
Grape variety: 100% Pinot Noir


With a powerful and intense nose of Morello cherry aromas and ripe strawberries, the Coteaux Champenois reveals delicate woody aromas with vanilla notes. The woody aromas let the fruit express itself.
A lovely balance of smoke and ripe fruits aromas.
The palate shows a soft unctuousness with an elegant freshness.
A lovely and long finish.

Key aromas

Morello cherry, woody.

Champagne & Food pairing

Coteaux champenois with a meal:
Beef stew
Coq au vin
Toast with cheese (Chaource)



Coteaux Champenois
Devaux as gifts