2018 harvest

2018 harvest

« 2018 is an exceptionally early harvest year, with some crus (villages) starting on 20th August 20. Exceptional is the word that can define this 2018 harvest. Firstly, thanks to the perfect health of the grapes from the beginning to the end of the harvest. Then, thanks to the maturity ant the acidity of the grapes that have remained at a very good level. Lastly, this harvest will be etched in our memories as exceptional due to the abundant yield. Nature has been generous with us, in both quality and quantity. This harvest has allowed us to make very qualitative red wines for our rosé champagnes as well as for our still Rosé des Riceys and still red wine. While we await the end of the fermentation, we can expect to obtain high quality wines, to be used in our champagne blends across all our range as well as to be kept as reserve wines with very good ageing potential. »

Michel Parisot
Cellar Master
Champagne Devaux


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